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Photos by Bruce Dugdale


Your donation can make a huge difference in the life of a child battling illness. We appreciate any contribution you can make to help us provide financial aid to these families.


We welcome volunteers to help us in our mission to assist these families. Whether you are interested in organizing events, fundraising, or providing support to families in need, we have a role for you.


Niños Incapacitados is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that helps Mexican families who require financial assistance to pay for the ongoing and/or major medical-related expenses for their children who have chronic or serious disabilities/injuries or life-threatening illnesses. Children and their families must qualify financially and be recommended to Niños Incapacitados through the Department of Family (DIF). 

Our Cause

Niños Incapacitados is a non-profit organization that assists Mexican families in need of financial aid to cover medical expenses for their children who are battling serious or life-threatening illnesses. Our goal is to ensure that these children receive the best care possible, regardless of their family's financial situation. We rely solely on donations and the support of volunteers to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

What's New

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