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Niños  Incapacitados holds clinics once a month in both Chapala and Jocotepec. During the clinics, volunteers meet with parents to reimburse the documented medical expenses of the children enrolled in our program. We do not offer any direct medical services at these clinics. 

  • Parents provide us with invoices so we may reimburse the medical, physical and pharmaceutical expenses for the children enrolled in our program. Qualifying transportation costs may also be reimbursed.

  • We operate our organization with full transparency and accountability; the careful and diligent distribution of funds; and optimize efficiencies and minimize administrative expenses.

  • We encourage our volunteers and supporters to engage with our organization through the donation of money, time, energy and expertise.

  • We treat our children, their families, our volunteers and supporters with dignity and respect. All of our work is done on a volunteer basis.

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